plā′wėrk′ings, n. Portions of play matters consideration; draft formations.

Play Connectivity

Play Connectivity was originally a site in its own right. However, the time was right to bring it to Playworkings.

Therefore, this page is imagined as a launch pad for access to that small collection of Play Connectivity writings. Perhaps, now that they’re ‘in house’ and under the Playworkings banner, there will be more.

Play Connectivity was originally conceived as a collection of writing that speculated upon the (sometimes indescribable) connections that exist between us. The writing is largely academic in nature.

Click on the links below to access these texts.

Updated October 2018
Symbiotic homeostatic disequilibrium in playworking interaction
being a co-authored paper with Gordon Sturrock regarding deeper considerations on child-adult interactions
October 2018
Play and engagement in supra-thinking: speculations and extrapolations
being an investigation into the realm of play-think, thought beyond thought, as related to the play of children, some adults and animals
September 2011
A philosophical inquiry into engagement with connectivity in the fabric plane of play
being ontological considerations regarding connectivity, and perspectives of the texture of being-in-play
May 2011
Moments of magnitude: on reflection of the worn self
in consideration of conscious investment in adult interactions with children
May 2011
War: play as saviour or aggravator?
in consideration of the survival, or not, of the species
April 2011
Reviews and Overviews
Etymology of play
being a review, in most part, of the chapter titled ‘The play-concept as expressed in language’, from Homo Ludens: a Study of the Play Element in Culture (Johan Huizinga)
November 2007


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