plā′wėrk′ings, n. Portions of play matters consideration; draft formations.

In my travels around the blogosphere, I occasionally find an inspirational story about children, or with children in mind. I recently found just such a post written by Tanushree Srivastava. I asked permission to reproduce it here, and Tanushree agreed. What inspired me about the excerpt I publish below is the way in which thoughts about a New Delhi street child were the source of some happiness to the writer.

Tanushree writes with some emphasis on religious belief, which I personally don’t subscribe to. However, the essence of what she writes is beautiful enough for me. I have taken the publisher’s liberty of editing slightly, for flow and emphasis, hopefully without losing the writer’s own ‘voice’.

Tanushree writes:

You know how people say happiness depends on ourselves alone? You should always be happy and without a reason to [be]. People like me waste so much time finding ‘the right’ reasons to be happy that we lose precious time in life to actually be happy for what life has given us. I encountered a magical incident today, which still has a deep impression on my mind. I strongly believe in God’s Messengers theory and the magic that they spread all around us (which might actually be my exclusive theory about life. Yet another to be honest).

I was sitting with some of my friends at a roadside café, drinking coffee, when this little girl came and sat beside me on the iron railing that separated the café from the road. I was very uncomfortable with this poor girl watching me eat and drink because I simply feel pity for poor kids like her. Her face leaked of innocence and she smiled with pure joy at me. The aura around her was simply infectious and I couldn’t help myself from having this little chit-chat with her, and about her.

Her three feet long anatomy was covered with tattered clothes. She wore a shirt, which was slightly over-sized for her, with a pair of torn pants. Her hair was pulled into a ponytail, which made her look cute. She roams carelessly on the streets of a posh market with some flowers in her hands. She sold these flowers to people on the road, especially couples, who always buy her flowers.

She attends a nearby government school, which provides free education. She told me that she only goes there for the food that is given to her during the lunch hours. While I talk to her she does back flips on the railing and smiles all the time. She keeps talking and tells me that she is going to be rich by the time she is my age. Of course she doesn’t want to study, but according to her she will somehow find a way to have more money. She urges me, from time to time, to buy her flowers and then again tells me how her flowers are always sold in the night when rich people shop around. She gets some big money when lady luck shines on her. But she loves the sun and the sunshine that warms her in this cold. I bought her a cupcake, which she politely accepted and gave me a very God-like smile. She left almost immediately, emphasising that she was some angel sent just for me.

Her enthusiasm struck me, and her zest for life was so amazing that I pity myself for being sad over things that should hardly matter in life. When I watched this little girl struggle for two square meals and still be happy, I asked myself if I was doing justice to this precious life bestowed upon me by God. Life is so much about the bigger things and perspectives. We have everything that can make us happy in this world. All the right reasons and all the small little things that can last us a lifetime . . .

I really think that we have lost sight of what life really is about. Life is about staying happy with what we have and what we can share with people. That little cupcake was not a big deal to me but it meant a lot to her and it gave me unending happiness and satisfaction after watching her lit-up face. I have decided to be a source of happiness and joy to everyone who passes me in life: so that I am to everyone what that girl is to me now. I really wish that I can be that bundle of joy to everyone whom I know. I know we are living in a strange and wicked world where humanity is slowly losing its significance, so let me be a small part of a revolution which only supports affection and love for everyone regardless of age, caste, religion or colour.

Are you with me?


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